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Advodan Lyngby
Ring 45 88 05 55

Toftebæksvej 2,
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Tlf: 45 88 05 55

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Advodan Lyngby

Danish law firm

At ADVODAN in Lyngby, we pride ourselves on our close contact with clients – both individual private persons as well as businesses in Lyngby and the surrounding area. We work both nationally and internationally, and always aim for swift, agile, and efficient casework. We render professional and quality-oriented counseling with the client as the focal point of all work conducted, and our key objective is to provide added value for every client in every case.

Our modern law firm at ADVODAN Lyngby is comprised of 8 lawyers with extensive expertise in counseling both private persons as well as businesses. Our local knowledge and close contact with local stakeholders allow us to expertly counsel you on your particular regional challenges, while still highly capable of conducting excellent casework in larger contexts.

From our office in Lyngby, we cater to surrounding towns, including Søborg, Gentofte, Herlev, Søllerød and Værløse. We guarantee competent, solution-oriented legal counselling with a local approach.

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