Mie Rahbek Thomsen

Attorney-at-law / Partner

Mie Rahbek Thomsen

Attorney-at-law / Partner

Mie Rahbek Thomsen

Attorney-at-law / Partner
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About Mie

Mie Rahbek Thomsen is head of our famlily law team, which provides our clients with all the variables of family law. Mie has a degree from the University of Copenhagen obtained in 2006  and was hired by Advodan Slagelse in 2008. At first, Mie was a 3. year paralegal and afterwards as an appointed lawyer. In 2016 Mie Rahbek Thomsen joined the firm as partner.

Having specialised in family law with more than 10 years of experience with for example prenuptial agreements, legal wills, divorces, division of proporty and custody cases Mie Rahbek Thomsen can be of assistance both before and after a conflict should arise.


Specialist in family law and administration of estates

Mie is our most experienced family law attorney, and she has through the years participated in various medias such as tv and radio and is author of several articles in the topics of family law. 

In addition, Mie is president of the Advodan-committee of family law and inheritance.

In her work, Mie strives to achieve solutions, which all parties in a conflict can accept. She works towards awoiding a trial in order to reach a settlement that provides the fastest and best result. For the same reason, Mie is a trained Mediator, and she often uses the thereby obtained skills on a day to day basis. 


Other skills

Mie is appointed assistant of the court in Næstved in debt settlements.

She also spends a lot of time advising clients on buying real estate. 

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