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Need help setting up your business in Denmark?

When setting up a business, choosing the proper corporate format and structure from the outset is important. Your choice of corporate format and structure has significant bearing on the financing options available, the level of risk incurred, taxation and a future transfer of undertaking, amongst others. Advdodan offers expert analyses of your business needs and the options available. We take it upon us to ensure that your business has the best possible legal foundation – both at the outset and in the long term.

Advodan – a nationwide law firm

Advodan is a nationwide law firm. Advodan's attorneys are always solution-oriented and able to combine local insight and proximity with full-service services. Find more information about how we can help you with legal matters related to your company and business life or contact one of our specialized lawyers for legal counselling.


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Facts about Advodan

  • Advodan has existed since 1988
  • Annual revenue of DKK +250 million
  • Qualified attorneys: 110
  • 22 offices 
  • Total Advodan's: approx. +300
  • Company name: Advodan A/S, CVR no: 2979 5185

Advodan is a Founding Member of XLNC. Information about the association can be found here.