About Advodan Southern Jutland

Who are we?

Advodan Southern Jutland is part of the nationwide Advodan Law Firm, which was founded from well-established law firms in 1988.

At Advodan Southern Jutland we are a group of attorneys, paralegals and support staff dedicated to delivering the best advice and expertise to our clients. We have achieved solid results while focusing on our clients’ needs.

We have comprehensive experience with all of the legal issues related to corporations, government and private individuals.

Our customers are mainly small and medium size enterprises, local government and private citizens. We are structured so that our services and pricing fit the core needs of these customer segments. Our staff is trained to meet the needs of these customers and to deliver targeted advice and services.


Practice areas

Across Advodan Law Firm nationwide we meet the needs for every area of legal practice and can set multidisciplinary teams.

At Advodan Southern Jutland we focus on the following practice areas

  • Company Law
  • Insolvency and reconstructing
  • Data protection law
  • Real estate and construction law
  • Criminal Law
  • Employment and Labour Law
  • Divorce and separation
  • Family Law
  • Tort law
  • Tenancy Law

At Advodan Southern Jutland we have built higher level expertise with helping companies establishing in Denmark. Especially we have built a great experience with helping German companies to establish as we speak German as well. In this regard, we have a cooperation with our local business council so that we are able to help our clients with all aspects when establishing in Denmark.

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Meet our team

Stefan Østerby-Jørgensen

Attorney-at-law / Partner +45 73 92 17 21 Advodan Southern Jutland

Malene Warming Nissen

Attorney-at-law +45 73 92 17 29 Advodan Southern Jutland

Erik Dreyer

Attorney-at-law / Admitted to the Supreme Court +45 74 72 10 10 Advodan Southern Jutland

Jacob Thue Poulsen

Assistant Attorney +45 73 92 17 27 Advodan Southern Jutland

Jan Hansen

Attorney-at-law / Admitted to the Supreme Court +45 74 72 10 10 Advodan Southern Jutland

Janne Søndergaard Thomsen

Assistant Attorney +45 69 13 17 36 Advodan Southern Jutland

Klaus Snitgaard Nielsen

Assistant Attorney +45 69 13 17 31 Advodan Southern Jutland

Lars Nauheimer

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Admitted to the Supreme Court +45 73 92 17 26 Advodan Southern Jutland

Palle Eskildsen Jensen

Assistant Attorney +45 69 13 17 38 Advodan Southern Jutland