Jacob Schousgaard

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Admitted to the Supreme Court

Jacob Schousgaard

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Admitted to the Supreme Court

Jacob Schousgaard

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Admitted to the Supreme Court
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Om Jacob

Jacob Schousgaard is part of Advodan Thisted’s commercial-law division, which provides legal counsel to companies and organizations. Jacob graduated from Aarhus University in 1995 with a master’s degree in law (LL.M.) and he has been part of ADVODAN Thisted since 1998.

Through Jacob’s solid and diversified experience as counsel for small and medium sized businesses, including detailed sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, dental industry, fishery, as well as a range of other commercial-fields, Jacob is one of Thisted’s most experienced and asked-for lawyers, and he received admission to practice before Denmark’s Supreme Court, in 2004. Moreover, Jacob is a certified umpire.


Expert in commercial law and trial practice

Jacob especially has a special interest in company law, which has led him to specialize within this legal field, and he thus provides counsel to businesses concerning issues related to this legal area.

In case a commercial dispute ends up in court, Jacob’s experience with litigation and negotiation enables him to align his approach with an assessment of the case and subsequent outcome.


Keen business understanding

As a long-term acting board member for several local companies, including  both small and medium-sized businesses (Sparekassen Thy, Vilsund Blue A/S, Kapema Thisted A/S, Hexa-Cover A/S,  Kellpo A/S, Thisted Bryghus A/S and a few others..) Jacob has gained insight and perspective, when it comes to business operations, namely financial, legal and practical aspects. These elements altogether reinforce Jacob’s skills as a reliable business consultant.

After completing his studies at Aarhus University, Jacob maintained ties, as he continued working there, as associate professor, which has been rewarding for him.


Estate lawyer

Throughout Jacob’s career, he has administered several estates, and Jacob is thereby keen on the law of succession. To this day, Jacob is a functioning trustee at the seat of the court of Holstebro, where he administers several estates each year.

By way of his insight in the laws and rules of the law of succession, Jacob is sought-after in cases calling for an experienced and competent lawyer within the relevant legal discipline, especially in cases where there is uncertainty as to the right of succession, disputes between successors, problems concerning debt and sale of the estate property.


A passion for wine

When Jacob is not working professionally, he enjoys going for a hike or cycling or enjoying a good glass of wine, as he is a passionate wine enthusiast.

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