Rasmus B. Kronborg

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Admitted to the Supreme Court

Rasmus B. Kronborg

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Admitted to the Supreme Court

Rasmus B. Kronborg

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Admitted to the Supreme Court
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Om Rasmus B.

Rasmus B. Kronborg is part of Advodan Thisted’s private law division, which provides counsel to private individuals, although Rasmus also provides counsel to companies that need advice in matters concerning trial proceedings, arbitration, changes in company structures etc. Moreover, Rasmus is a sitting board member on the boards of several local companies.

Rasmus graduated from Aarhus University in 1992 with a master’s degree in law (LL.M.) and he became a public defense lawyer in 1995. Rasmus has been part of Advodan Hurup since 1992 and since 2010, he has been part of Advodan Thisted. Rasmus received admission to practice before Denmark’s High Court in 1997 and in 2002 he received admission to practice before Denmark’s Supreme Court.

By way of Rasmus’ competencies in different legal disciplines including legal proceedings, arbitration, counselling both companies and private persons (i.e. in custody cases, estate division etc.), Rasmus has a diversified legal knowledge. It is also noteworthy that Rasmus functions as an ancillary at in debt reconstruction cases before the Probate Court.


Specialized in criminal law

Rasmus is a public defense lawyer and through the years, he has represented clients in many trials before both the City Courts and High Courts. He has a keen understanding of the local community, which enables him to add perspective to a case.

When providing counsel, Rasmus’ main concern is the defendants’ rights and influence, and he strives to provide the best possible defense for his clients by way of his argumentative skills and legal knowledge and insight.


Family law and custody

One of Rasmus’ core competencies is family law, as Rasmus has long-lasting experience handling cases concerning divorce and separation, just as he is specialized in custody cases. By virtue of his duties as public defense lawyer, Rasmus handles many cases concerning custody, children’s residence etc.


Expert in debt reconstruction

Rasmus functions as ancillary to the Probate Court in cases concerning debt reconstruction, and he has done so for the past 15 years. He therefore has valuable insight with regard to debt reconstruction cases.


Real estate property

Rasmus also has experience advising private persons and businesses in regards to sale and acquisition of real estate property (i.e. houses, condominiums, project apartments) both locally and in the bigger cities of Denmark.

When these cases involve disputes, Rasmus is first and foremost focused on the clients’ needs and interest, however he will advise his clients to solve a dispute amicably, if that is in the best interest of the client.


Popular speaker

On account of his experience with the abovementioned legal disciplines, Rasmus is a highly popular speaker, and he enjoys hosting presentations involving his core competencies.


Passionate about nature

When Rasmus is not participating in court meetings or at the office, he spends his time with family and friends, or goes for a mountainbike ride or a run in the national park of Thy.

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