On arriving in Denmark as a refugee, you may request asylum. When you request asylum, you ask to be granted the right to remain in the country and, thus, receive protection.

To be granted asylum, you must either meet the conditions set out in the UN Refugee Convention or the requirements for protected status laid down in the Danish Alien Act.

Protected status

The UN Refugee Convention defines a refugee as someone who has a well-founded fear of being persecuted because of his or her race, religion, nationality, membership of a certain social group, or because of his or her political opinions and he or she is outside the country of his nationality.

Moreover, Denmark has ratified numerous international conventions, which means a refugee may be granted asylum and protected status if he risks facing capital punishment, torture or other inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment in the event that he or she returns to his home country.

In some cases, a refugee may be granted so-called temporary protected status. This happens when the risk of capital punishment, torture or inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment arises from a severe instability in the home country which is characterized by indiscriminate violence against and attacks on civilians.


Processing your request for asylum

When your request for asylum is processed by the Danish Refugee Council, you have the right to free legal representation. You may appoint any Danish lawyer; however, appointing a lawyer who has expert knowledge of the processing of requests for asylum by the Danish Refugee Council is important.

If your request for asylum has been rejected, or if you think that your request for asylum has been processed or granted in accordance with the wrong act or regulation, a fact which influences how quickly you are able to apply for family reunification in Denmark, Advodan offers assistance with your appeal to the Refugee Appeals Board.

To be able to give you the best possible legal assistance we recommend that you contact us as early as possible.

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