Employment and work in Denmark

Initially, when you are employed by a Danish company, the rules and regulations of Danish employment law may appear rather complex and difficult to navigate. As a newly hired employee, it may therefore be a good idea to seek legal advice.


Your rights will be set out in your contract of employment and/or in the applicable collective agreement or legislation. It is, nonetheless, important that you familiarise yourself with your rights, so that you know what you can ask of your employer, should a situation or a predicament arise.

A contract of employment must meet certain requirements to comply with Danish employment law. If your contract of employment contains flaws and deficiencies, you – the employee – may be entitled to an appreciable compensation from your employer.

In the unfortunate event that you fall sick and are absent from work or if you disagree with your employer on your rights to holidays pursuant to the provisions of the Danish Holiday Act, you are well advised to seek legal advice on the issues.

Often, disputes arise from dismissal or summary dismissal. Occasionally, an employer may wrongfully dismiss someone, which may entitle you to compensation should you have been wrongfully dismissed.

In addition, it is important that you are familiar with the specific provisions on termination of employment contained in the Danish Consolidation Act on Employers’ and Salaried Employees’ Legal Relationship. The provisions of this Act apply to you, if you are a salaried employee.

These and other rules, which may apply to you, can be difficult to interpret correctly. Our experts can guide you through the rules.

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