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Kelvin Valeur Thelin


Kelvin Valeur Thelin

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Om Kelvin

In general

Kelvin V. Thelin is equity partner in our Team Corporate and specialises in corporation law, business transfers (M&S) and resctructuring.

Kelvin works in and for a range of board of directors as well as serves as a close advisor and sounding board for many companyies and their executive managers in and regarding their daily and overall operation the business.

Further more Kelvin is our Managing Partner.

A vide range of Kelvin’s customers are based in Copenhagen as well as abroad, and Kelvin therefore performs his work also in and from Copenhagen as well as abroad.


Approach to his work – The Colleges’ view on Kelvin

Kelvin is a real workhorse and has a high level of energy – alwasy on the move and with focus on the goal at hand. Something always happens when ever Kelvin is around.

To Kelvin accessibilitty and commercial, applicable solutions are the most important means to the goal – and always to keep the law at eye level.


Other and previous activities

Kelvin is member of the board and chairman in a range of different companies with many different goals and business.

Previously Kelvin was Corporate Legel Officer (CLO) in a Danish group of companies with the responsibility of building up a legal department as well as practical merger, development and resctructuring of the companies purchased subsidiaries. Furthermore he has been Corporate Atterney in another law firm in Copenhagen.

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