Carsten Lyngs

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Admitted to the Supreme Court

Carsten Lyngs

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Admitted to the Supreme Court

Carsten Lyngs

Attorney-at-law / Partner / Admitted to the Supreme Court
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About Carsten

Carsten Lyngs is part of Advodan Thisted’s private law division, which provides counsel to private persons. Carsten graduated from Aarhus University in 1981 with a master’s degree in law (LL.M.) and he has been functioning as a lawyer in Thisted since 1986. In 1991, Carsten received admission to practice before Denmark’s Supreme Court.

Carsten has worked with private law throughout his entire career. Carsten has namely worked with the sale and acquisition of real estate property, compulsory sales, wills, prenuptial agreements, divorce and estate division.


Criminal law competencies

Carsten is a popular defense lawyer with many years of experience as public defense lawyer.

Carsten involves himself in the client’s case and strives to obtain the best possible result for the client, and it is important to Carsten that his clients know they can place their complete trust in him.


Property law and compulsory sales

Carsten is an expert in property law and he has specialized in this area since the beginning of his career. He has also earned the title of state authorized real estate agent and valuer. 

Carsten is responsible for Advodan Thisted’s compulsory sales, where debt collection cases are solicited for Realkredit Danmark and Totalkredit.

By way of Carsten’s broad experience and knowledge in regards to the sale and acquisition of real estate property, including the delivery of deeds of conveyance, Carsten is a renowned and preferred advisor in real estate deals. 


Mediation and conflict resolution

Carsten has experience with mediating and resolving conflicts in cases involving several legal areas.

Carsten has earned the title of mediator and he carries out this title as mediator for Denmark’s High Court as well as the City Court of Holstebro.

Carsten believes that the best solution to a conflict is the parties’ own solution, and he is dedicated to help the parties find an amicable solution.


Sought-after speaker

Carsten is furthermore a sought-after speaker when it comes to issues relating to private law, and he is available for closing-time meetings, or other arrangements.


Family first

In his spare time, Carsten enjoys spending time with his family, and he is especially devoted to his grandkids, which he and his wife often visit. Carsten also enjoys running in the open landscapes of Thy.

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