Construction law

Construction Law regulates the agreements that are entered into between the builder and the contractor in regards to building constructions.

Construction law

Asuccessful construction project requires carefully drafted and precise agreements, which clearly define the rights and obligations of the parties. A well-drafted construction agreement minimizes the risk of conflict arising later in the construction process and after. These can be quite costly.

Advodan’s team of construction law specialists advice on every area of construction law related issues, including

  • Tenders (public and private)
  • Construction Agreements
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Extra work
  • Defects and how to handle these
  • Delays and how to handle these
  • Experts opinions
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Arbitration and litigation 

Advodan has extensive experience in advising companies, municipalities and private customers within the field. Understanding that timing is of essence, we aim to offer prompt and service.

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