Anna Øding Bjerregaard


Anna Øding Bjerregaard


Anna Øding Bjerregaard

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About Anna

In general

Anna Øding Bjerregaard is an attorney in our Team Private and Team Real Estate.

Anna is specialized in family law and provide assistance in connection with termination of cohabitation, divorce and division of property, as well as cases regarding children and their residence, visitation, child support, custody and forcible removals.

Anna furthermore advises within inheritance and testaments as well as works with administration of the estate of deceased persons.

Anna is also specialized in property/construction law and provides advice to clients who are buying or selling their properties, including drafting purchase agreements and cohabitation agreements.


Anna also provides assistance in connection with litigation regarding defects in properties/buildings.

As a supplement to the property/construction law, Anna is also specialized in registrations through the Land Registration Court (Tinglysningsretten), including registration and cancellations of easements, articles of associations and various mortgage rights. She prepares instruments of debt, registers debtors' substitutions, cohabitation agreements, leases and deeds. In addition, Anna is responsible for the office's mortification.

A range of Anna’s customers are based in Copenhagen, and Anna therefore performs her work also in and from Copenhagen.


Approach to her work – The Colleges’ view on Anna

Anna is a competent and determined representative for her customers. She is both caring and listening – both towards clients and colleagues.

To Anna it is of great importance to listen and understand every individual client’s needs and goals and to make them come true within the legal borders at hand. Anna is extremely thorough and quality-conscious.

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