Kaltrina Fazliu

Assistant Attorney

Kaltrina Fazliu

Assistant Attorney

Kaltrina Fazliu

Assistant Attorney
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About Kaltrina

In general:

Kaltrina Fazliu is employed as an assistant attorney at Advodan in Holbæk and works closely with the office’s other assistant attorneys and lawyers.

Kaltrina is primarily associated with Team Employment Law, Team Business and Team Insolvency.  
Kaltrina is also very much involved in the office’s disputes and the debt collection in continuation hereof. 

Kaltrina completed her master’s degree in law at the Faculty of Law in Copenhagen in 2020. She is from the local area and still lives in Holbæk. 


Approach to her work – The colleagues view on Kaltrina: 

Kaltrina is a calm and very ambitious assistant attorney, focused on the details of the individual task she works on. She is forthcoming and easy going. 

Kaltrina is especially conscientious and effective. She is very hardworking and has a great desire to do her best for her clients and colleagues, with the main focus being on expedition and thoroughness.

Her colleagues say about Kaltrina, that she is friendly, sociable and smiles easily.

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